A Lot Is Riding on Your Tires

A Lot Is Riding on Your Tires

Get same-day tire repairs in Glenrock, WY

Did you run over a nail or have a blowout? Are you stuck driving on a temporary spare? Let K & B's Tire Shop get you back on four wheels with professional tire repair services in Glenrock, WY. We can patch, repair or replace all types of tires to get you back on the road and driving smoothly again.

Schedule your tire replacement or repair service today and get a free estimate.

Get a more permanent fix

Not all tires can be or should be patched. Before we start any tire repairs, we'll do a full inspection to see if a repair will get the job done. If the issue is fixable, we can....

  • Patch or plug a hole
  • Replace a valve stem
  • Seal around the tire rim

If your tire is beyond repair, we'll suggest a tire replacement. Contact us today, and get back on the road before you know it.